Puppy from testimonial by Olivia.

Hi I got my puppy from you guys and y’all are the best to say the least. This is his picture now. When we got him his name was Rusty but we changed it to Cooper.


Puppy from testimonial by Jeffrey Greth.

I would like to thank Lancaster Puppies for your website. We found a puppy. We tried a rescue and shelter. Never could find what we were looking for. Kept Filling out applications, Only to hear from them once. Your left standing about a dog you picked out. Found a local breeders on Lancaster Puppies. when on the website. The seller called me back the same day. And the same day we got the puppy.


Puppy from testimonial by Tabitha Stanley.

Mr. John Lapp was very professional, and very nice. Easy transaction. And my children loves the new addition to our family!

Rosie the Cavapoo

Puppy from testimonial by Beatriz Novo.

We just bought our Cavapoo puppy (Joy) from Rosie Miller in Ohio. The process couldn’t have gone smoother! The dog is adorable, affectionate, well socialized, healthy, and with all her paperwork in order. Rosie was great with answering all my questions and she was lovely.

Thea the Mini Australian Shepherd

Puppy from testimonial by Danielle Reardon.

My husband and I traveled to Ohio from NY on March 30th of 2021. We got our Mini Aussie Shepherd from a breeder named Brenton Schlabach. We 10/10 recommend getting your puppy from him and his wonderful family. Theo is our puppies name, he is 13 weeks, he came with all his health records, he is also microchipped. We have copies of the microchip information. We had a great time visiting with the family while we got Theo. They are pleasant, kind and care about their animals.

Chihuahua Puppy

Puppy from testimonial by Lorrie McVeigh.

Chihuahua Puppy I am very satisfied with my puppy I got from Steve Troyer

Rat Terrier

Puppy from testimonial by Samantha Russi.

We bought a Rat Terrier for our twin girls a year ago. She is the absolute sweetest little girl and spoiled very much! The seller was very informative and the whole family was nice. Easy transaction and my girls got a life long friend. I wish I had remembered the name of the seller although I think it was Ben Zook from Rebersburg, PA.

Winnie the Labrador Retriever

Puppy from testimonial by Samantha Russi.

My family decided to get a yellow lab for my 1 year old son, about to be 2. He absolutely loves playing with dogs! We bought "Sandy" her new name is Winnie, from Marilyn in Blairsville, PA. The whole family was wonderful, the sale was easy and hassle free and I would definitely go back to her for another Lab in the future!


Puppy from testimonial by Brian Machado.

Hello, Writing from sunny Florida! I bought two puppies (Bichon Poodle/Bichpoo) one last year and one this week. Amazing dogs! But the process was so simple. I bought from Albert Yoder (Millersburg) and the 2nd pup from Alma and David Yoder (Sugarcreek) Ohio, The dogs adjust in seconds, they are so happy!!!! Beautiful dogs very healthy and happy vet says etc.. We couldn't be happier and the service transport people Happy Trails delivery cheap and so perfect as well!


Puppy from testimonial by Belle Tseitlin.

We recently got our Cockapoo from JoEtta Yoder, a wonderful breeder in Arcola, IL. We love our puppy, she is healthy, sweet, and wonderful. Trustworthy and kind breeder, would certainly do "business" again!


Puppy from testimonial by Amber Rising Star.

Beautiful beagle puppy just turned 18 months I raised from 10 weeks old a real blessing I'm looking for 1 more beagle puppy today hopefully AKC registered shopping on Lancaster Puppies.


Puppy from testimonial by Alba Guevara.

We are in love with our Milo! (Klaus) name before we got him. We drove from NY to Honey Brook, PA and Melvin Stoltzfus his owner was wonderful. I will definitely recommend him. Our puppy Is wonderful we couldn’t ask for a better puppy.