Puppy from testimonial by Stephanie.

We got sweet Roscoe in January 2022 and he’s been the sweetest boy! We love Lancaster Puppies for connecting us with the amazing breeder who made the process easy and gave us peace of mind! He turns 1yrs old this month! Thank you!


Puppy from testimonial by Tom Johnston.

We just got the best Bernedoodle from a breeder in Dover OH this last weekend! Thought we would share, he is an awesome addition to our family!


Puppy from testimonial by Tammy Henry.

We found our new love, Tripp thanks to Melissa. Tripp has taken to Bradley, I'm so pleased.

Benji the Malshi

Puppy from testimonial by Stacey Dennis.

I’d love to share my story. We picked up Benji on January 3 and he has been the addition to our family we needed. Such a wonderful Mal-shi . He is very close with my other dog already, and it melts my heart. I was extremely pleased with the breeder Christine. She was wonderful and so sweet.

Boston Terrier Mix

Puppy from testimonial by Samantha Wright.

We found this sweet girl- a Boston terrier mix on the website. The minute we saw her we knew we needed to add her to our family. The person we bought her from said “last night someone came to get the last of the litter, minus her. And they wanted her too. I told them no, and they said “whoever gets that pup is getting a special one! There’s something about her that is extra special.” They were right. She’s every bit of special, sassy, snuggly that we wanted! 


Puppy from testimonial by Rookie.

Hi! I found my forever home through your website. Just wanted to thank you for creating such a special bond.   We had such a great experience with you guys. We already recommended you to many people.


Puppy from testimonial by Quinn Rogers.

Hi, this is my Cockapoo puppy I got from you guys about a year ago! He is so easy to train and is such a great dog…thank you so much for bringing happiness into me and family’s lives!! 


Puppy from testimonial by Quinn Rogers.

We got our pup last year Jan 2 from your website. She is such a great addition to our family and we can’t imagine life without her. Thank you so much .


Puppy from testimonial by Nicole Weeks.

We got both of our fur babies from you at different times. I've never had indoor pets in my life and these 2 are loved as much as my kids! I refer everyone to your site! Thank you!

Ryann Jane the Pomeranian

Puppy from testimonial by Natasha Ann Diddle.

This is pure happiness & complete puppy love. Our Amish boy Pomeranian. We could not be happier. Thank you

Golden Retriever

Puppy from testimonial by Megan Nexel.

I just want to say thank you for advertising our Golden Retriever! We are so happy for him and he’s the most lovable, sweetest thing ever! The breeder was so kind and nice too. We are so happy with him.


Puppy from testimonial by Marcela Vieira.

Hi this is Haru, we found him via Lancaster puppies late May, he’s grown so much since then and is a wonderful companion