Lucky Luciano the Labradoodle

Puppy from testimonial by Madcruz.

Here is a pic of our puppy, Lucky Luciano. We got him from Ohio from one of your breeders. He is a Labradoodle and we love him so much. He is a wonderful family dog!


Puppy from testimonial by Loraine.

Good Morning! I’m Loraine I bought Jax (aka Ace from you a year ago!! he turned one on September 2nd, I just wanted to send some pictures of him now. We love him sooo much he is like one of our children!!! Couldn’t be happier!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Everyone who sees him says how beautiful he is and comments about his size.


Puppy from testimonial by Lexi Cammarata.

So glad we got Ranger!! ???

Owen the Pomsky

Puppy from testimonial by LeAnna Gorman.

Here’s our Owen that we saw on your website! He is a Pomsky that our family just adores!!


Puppy from testimonial by LeAnn Plaugher Miller.

Here is “Jayson” now known as Casey. He’s a delight. We couldn’t be happier with our choice. He’s a delightful addition to our family!


Puppy from testimonial by Kayla Burgei.

It has almost been a year since we got our sweet Kona. (Picked her up Black Friday) She is the sweetest, smartest pup we could have ever hoped for. With the help of your site we got to add her to our family. Thank you!!


Puppy from testimonial by Kathleen Westlake Moses.

We picked up our beautiful girl in March 2018. We had tragically lost our Golden just three months before and knew there was more love in our heart for another dog. I found this site while on Facebook and on our way back from FL we stopped in OH and picked her up. The family held her for us until we returned. She is half Golden...Dad and half Lab...Mom and is so loved. Since there isn’t any way to thank them, I want to thank Buckeye and Lancaster Puppies.


Yes.. I’m sure some people understand how tragic loosing a beloved member of your family and our Carly was only 7.5yrs old. Seeing that beautiful puppy from Shreve OH (Miller farm) came at a time when we needed to mend. We left FL and drove to Canton OH then to Shreve OH to pick up our girl. She was the last of the litter and they held her for us...and then to our home in Bergen NY. She mended our broken hearts....and we are so thankful to the Miller family. This is the morning we picked her up.


Bucky the Mini Poodle

Puppy from testimonial by Karen Lynn Reed.

Our pup we bought from this site in October from the Lapp family in Nottingham Pa. formerly listed and named as Kasey now Bucky. We love him as you can see.

Goldie the Mini Poodle

Puppy from testimonial by Just B.

Hi I just wanted to share we purchased our Mini Poodle aka Goldie from a breeder in Millersburg Ohio this was the best experience ever we love our fur baby #firsttimefurmom  (sent with love effect)


Puppy from testimonial by Juliannie Tejada.

Thanks so much for your services! We found our baby boy with Mark in Ohio. He arrived last night and we couldn’t be happier! ??❤️

Mini Goldendoodle

Puppy from testimonial by Joey Saperstein.

We got our dog from Pennsylvania and he is the new best addition to our family. He’s a Mini Goldendoodle.

Benson Berry the Saint Bernard

Puppy from testimonial by Jesica Prievo.

We have had this cutie for 1 week today. Such a great addition to our family. He was born Sheldon from Ohio and is now called Benson Barry in New York.