Balto the Norwegian Elkhound/Aussie Mix

Puppy from testimonial by Jalisa Banks.

I purchased Echo (Now named Balto) a Norwegian Elkhound/ Aussie mix from the Smucker family in Aaronsburg PA a month ago. I called as soon as I saw their listing for Echo and had picked him up that weekend. Very friendly and you can tell they love their animals, many of them working dogs. Echo was very sweet from the start being playful with my mother to falling asleep sitting up on the center console on our 3 hour ride home (really cute). We ended up getting another puppy from the same family for my brother. I would definitely recommend purchasing a puppy from them.


Puppy from testimonial by Tracey Brown.

I adopted a 10 week old Shorkie puppy from Alvin and Susan Stoltzfus in Fort Plain, NY just over 1 month ago. This puppy was clean, healthy and extremely socialized as she is very comfortable with other dogs, and all people she comes in contact with. She is as perfect as a puppy can be! She is a remarkable little dog and I would not hesitate to get another dog from the Stoltzfus family.

Alaskan Malamute

Puppy from testimonial by Miriam Hornberger.

I Bought an Alaskan Malamute. The place was so neat and clean pick up pup May 6th. I would highly recommend Ben Zook.


Puppy from testimonial by Ken and Lorraine Ostrowski.

I had to put down my black Cocker Spaniel Moka after 14 1/2 years. She was my best girlfriend! I was looking at Morkies and read what a caring family was breeding these puppies. It also sounded like the breeders of my last dog. This puppy is such a sweetheart!! I changed her name to Mira. My other dogs name was Moka. So I figured it’s like a mirror of my other angel and also a miracle!!! I would highly recommend if they’re breeding a puppy that you’re looking for to definitely go here with 100% confidence. Kudos and keep up the great work!
Sincerely, The Ostrowski’s and Mira


Puppy from testimonial by Kelly Sessa.

Got my puppy from Stephen. Super nice person. Easy to contact. Thank you Lancaster Puppies for making it easy to find the perfect puppy. Nitro will be 4 months old April 18th.


Puppy from testimonial by Alfreda Smith.

Completely Satisfied!!

Sultan the Poogle

Puppy from testimonial by Sandra U Houston.

I adopted my a Poogle ( Beagle/ Poodle Mix ) Danny, renamed Sultan from Lancaster Puppies. My Poogle is healthy and robust with lots of personality, he is spirited, energetic, comical and smart. Sultan was 8 weeks old when I got him he is now almost 16 weeks . The Potty Training is going well and he is learning a few basic commands, their is never a dull moment. The Breeders name is Levi, he was transparent and accommodating to all my questions about the puppy. Being a Senior I could not drive the distance to pick my puppy up but this wonderful breeder delivered him to my door step. I had an easy experience adopting the perfect dog for me on www.lancasterpuppies.com.


Puppy from testimonial by Taylor Bauman.

We got Carl from Allen and Edna in Gap PA. Carl is absolutely amazing. The sweetest little pup and our other dog Diesel have been inseparable since we brought Carl home. Couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. Thank you Allen and Edna!

German Shepherds

Puppy from testimonial by Nancy Miranda Diaz.

I'm a very skeptical person, but I lost my German Shepherd dog from cancer. A friend of mine told me about Lancaster Puppies on May 27th and today May 28th I got home not with one Shepherd, but 2 of them. We are so happy. We found an honest person and he was so nice. We even saw the puppies mother. I recommend this page, and if anyone wants info about where we got our puppies from, I will give y'all the information.


Puppy from testimonial by Maryana K.

 I would like to highly recommend Lorraine Reiff who is a breeder from PA. I got my Cavapoo puppy from her in January and she is one of the nicest caring individuals that I have come across. Do not hesitate to contact her she is absolutely wonderful and trustworthy.


Puppy from testimonial by Lisa Bierer.

Lorraine was so great to deal with! Before I purchased the puppy she sat on the phone with me for an hour explaining the breed and answering all my questions. Now a year later she has stayed in touch. Also the dog is the most amazing smart and good looking dog. I feel so lucky to have found them!

Zoey the Cavappoo

Puppy from testimonial by David Z.

We adopted our Cavapoo in January and couldn’t be happier. Our Zoey (formerly Annabelle) is sweet, loving, and beautiful. We’re so lucky to have her and even happier with our choice of breeder. When we arrived to pick up our little girl we were greeted first by her mother who was clearly a happy and well taken care of dog. We were a little apprehensive as we’ve heard of some questionable breeders in the area, but Lorraine definitely isn’t one of them. She was always a great communicator and checks in to this day on a group chat we have with her and the other owners from the litter.