Thank you LancasterPuppies.com and Bow Wow Kennels

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It's just weeks since we got our girl, a toy Rat from Mifflintown Pa and she is healthy, happy and sweet and fit right into our big family from the very first moment she stepped out of the car! (the more mature animals tolerate her zest for life)

We love her.

Thank you LancasterPuppies.com and Bow Wow Kennels - we are extremely pleased with your professionalism.

Carole and Phil C. and son Luke

Just wanted to say "Thank You" to Henry from Mifflintown, Pa.

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Just wanted to say “Thank You” to Henry from Mifflintown, PA. For all the information he gave me on my beautiful girl AAVA, originally named Domino. I was somewhat hesitate and nervous to drive all the way to PA from Northern New Jersey to pick up my Cockapoo, but can honestly tell you it was so worth the almost 3 hour drive. AAVA has been a blessing and has kept me on my toes always happy to see me. If you’re thinking about getting a puppy I would suggest you take the drive to the actual breeder and DO NOT have the puppy delivered.

Colin, Submitted by Tamisha in Baltimore

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If your looking for a wonderful breeder, please visit Steve in Ephrata. I got my male Yorkie-poo, Frank now known as Colin in November. Colin is a wonderful addition to my family and he is so loved by all of my family and friends.

Tamisha from Baltimore, MD

Melvin, submitted by Cory F

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I purchased a puppy from Lancaster Puppies March 5th 2009.
I bought the little guy for my dad for his Birthday, drive out to The Lancaster area, picked him up and drove home. He stayed in my lap as i drove home back to Lansdale, Pa. His name was Melvin, we loved the name so much we kept it as that. He just Turned 1 years old Yesterday January 5th 2009.

Thanks so much Lancaster puppies!

New Baby! Submitted by Holly S.

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My mom, my friend and I drove over 6 hours this past week to pick up our
puppy. We were very worried about it being a puppy mill especially when we
got into Lancaster County and there were billboards posted
eveywhere announcing that this county was big on puppy mills. When we got
to the home where our puppy was we saw that it wasn't a puppy mill it was
an amish farm! We pulled up and our puppy was outside running around with
his mother. Even though we've only had our puppy for a few days we love
him already! He ended up with the name Baxter :) I would definately
reccomend this website to anyone who is looking for a puppy. We're very

New Baby Sophie

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Just over a month ago in Nov. 2009 we welcomed a baby Shih Tzu, Sophie into our family. She is adorable, energetic and above all “very healthy” according to our vet. The experience from beginning to end was fun and enjoyable. We look forward to showering Sophie with tons of love and affection for many many years to come. I highly recommend John Lapp if you are looking for a healthy, happy puppy.

Puppy updates from Chris M

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We just wanted to send a few updated pictures of are beautiful pups from Lancaster Puppies!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Sookie, submitted by Amy S.

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My husband and I purchased "Sookie" a Boxer from the Martin family in July of 09. She is eveything a Boxer should be. She is the love of our lives. Adorable, crazy, goofy and full of spirit, she has the enate ability to pull you in and fall in love with her. We get so many complements on how beautiful she is. She has been alot of work, because it has been six years since we have had a puppy in the house. We lost our lab of 11 years in April and "Sookie" has replaced our sorrow with happiness. She and "Riggo", our Rottie are the best of friends..at least she thinks so...
If we should ever want another puppy, we surely know where to look.

Maddy the Pug Puppy

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About 3 months ago my Fiancé and I decided it was time to get a friend for our 1 year old German Shepherd, we fell in love with pugs and decided that is the breed we were going to get. We saw a female pug on your website and absolutely fell in love with her, we drove two hours to pick her up and she has been the love of our lives ever since. Maddy is a wonderful playmate for our other dog and doesn’t realize she is only an 1/8th of his size. She is fearless and has the most wonderful personality. She has truly made Duke (our Shepherd) my fiancé, and my life whole. She is wonderful and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Even though we have only had her a short time she has quickly become a loving companion! I take her everywhere I can, she has even made a few appearances at work! Thank you so much for our wonderful Maddy! She has been a blessing!

Kaya-Submitted by Jackie

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I bought a puppy from lancasterpuppies.com in January. His name was originally Troy. I just attached pictures of how he has grown. His name is now Kaya. I love him! He's such a beautiful dog!

Story of Tator

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This is a Tator update. For starters we kept the Tator name aka "Black Dog". At a year old he is only 60lbs. He is the perfect size. He rarely barks and he also swims!!!He is the most lovable dog. He gets along with EVERY dog he meets. Not a mean bone in his body. He has turned out to be the BEST dog we have ever had. He is so smart. He was potty trained within two-three weeks going in/out of his doggie door and has mastered some important training skills (like waiting until you say "take it" before diving into his food. Its quite hilarious watching the drool come down while waiting for his command, which is only seconds after we set his bowl down.)

As you can see from the pictures, he is a very handsome dog. We have to tell you guys that we get compliments on him everywhere we go. People driving by will stop and ask what kind of dog he is. Our family absolutely loves and enjoys him so much! We thank you again for taking the time to get him to us. We recently said had we known how awesome he is we would have taken one of his sibs too. If there is ever another litter, PLEASE let us know. We would be most interested!

Thank you again!!

The Hotchkiss Family

Abby the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

My family and I had been looking for a Bernese Mountain Puppy for a few months when we came upon the Lancaster Puppies site. My son's and I were on the web site often until we found the dog we were looking for. Once I laid eyes on our little Abby, I knew I had to have her. My Son's and I drove down to PA to meet Abby and when we saw her it was over from there. We all fell in love with her adorable face and great personality. We brought her home and right away she fit right in. My wife who was unsure of getting another dog thought Abby was so cute she fell in love with her right away as well. She is the most loving and caring dog you could ever meet. She is the greatest dog I have ever been around. I would not change her for the world. Thanks to Lancaster Puppies I have the best dog a family could ask for.