Puppy from testimonial by Tatiana Rivas.

The Smith family was so friendly. I felt very welcomed at their beautiful farm. The whole family was kind and respectful. Will definitely recommend to family and friends !


Puppy from testimonial by Tiffany Powers.

I purchase a Male black Pug from the Burkholder Milton, PA only 2 hrs 30 minutes away. He is a handsome dog, and he potty trained to mat is phenomenal. Very satisfied.


Puppy from testimonial by Barron M Felder.

Thank you Lancaster Puppies for helping us find our puppy. Jonas Lapp made the process so awesome.


Puppy from testimonial by Donald Peters.

Wonderful, we are so pleased with our new puppy. She was clean, and surely taken good care of before we picked her up. I would and will recommend the Alvin Lapp farm for sure.


Puppy from testimonial by Donna Mount.

Levi and Esther were so wonderful. We got our two beautiful Shorkie pups from them and could not be happier. Our twin daughters were beyond ecstatic when they saw the puppies since it was a surprise for them! They truly are great people and run a fantastic business. Property is beautiful, dogs are all very happy and healthy, and the accommodations are clean and well maintained. Thank for helping us find the perfect little girls to add to our family!!! I will highly recommend Hilltop Farm Kennel to anyone looking for a puppy.


Puppy from testimonial by Jeffrey Greth.

I hate to put down rescue and shelter animals. I couldn't find the right one for us. I put applications in. Get a call a day or 2 later. And that was it. I've left messages with them. No one would call back. So I heard of Lancaster Puppies. So I went on there website and found a puppy in my area. Called once and got a call back later. Got my puppy the same day. Thanks, Jeffrey Greth Temple Pa.

German Shepherd Puppy

Puppy from testimonial by Sarah Argusa.

Bought a German Shepherd 9 week old puppy yesterday from a Amish farm. Sweet people! Everything was great!


Puppy from testimonial by Tatiana Mosquera.

Excellent we adopted our pet and everything was very transparent, true and without setbacks super recommended

Happy Customer

Puppy from testimonial by Tom White.

We are so pleased to have learned of this site, thank you so much!


Puppy from testimonial by Dawn Bair.

Missy doing excellent. Thank for your opportunity!!

Ethel the Sheltie

Puppy from testimonial by Donna Woods.

We tried to adopt a sheltie after ours died. However, we only have an electric fence and were turned down. After going onto Lancaster Puppies, we found the cutest little Sheltie pup, Ethel. The breeder, Sadie Beachy, was so sweet and really knew her pups. She delivered our pup after a four hour ride, checked out our place and even called the following day to talk with Ethel. When Ethel's mama gave birth again this past October, she called us to let Ethel know she has new brothers and sisters. I would recommend Lancaster Puppies to anyone who is having a difficult time adopting. Ethel is well-behaved, has beautiful coloring, is healthy and super intelligent. Thank you to Lancaster Puppies and Sadie Beachy for our new little girl.

Henry the Basset Hound

Puppy from testimonial by Donna and Bill Baughman.

We had lost our beautiful Bloodhound in August 2021. Our hearts were shattered…she was our “empty nester” girl (our kids are married and on their own). We didn’t even know we were ready for a new puppy, but when we came across “Elliot’s” adorable picture on this site, we knew we had to make him ours. I’m so grateful for this Lancaster Puppies site. We found a wonderful breeder and a puppy who spent his first 8 weeks with a family who truly loved and nurtured every single puppy in that litter. It was so obvious to us. We renamed him Henry and he is the most social, sweet, and even SMART (I know, Basset Hounds get a bad rap, but he is the exception :) He has just the right amount of sass too! Our experience was nothing but positive. Do your research, ask lots of questions, and if something doesn’t seem right, report it to admin. Forever thankful-