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The Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

Tan Cavapoo puppy lays down on a rock in front of pink flowers while looking into the camera.

As you get older, you may look for a furry companion but think that dogs are too high-energy to keep up with. This isn’t the case! There are plenty of dog breeds with characteristics that make them perfect for retirees.

Hypoallergenic Dogs: 10 Breed Combinations that Reduce Allergies

Light brown Cockapoo puppy sitting on white bed in beige room with basket of laundry at its side.

People have been breeding dogs for centuries to create new breeds to solve existing problems and needs. Today, many mixed breeds were made to help reduce pet allergies so dog lovers can have no issues owning and spending time around dogs.

Top 5 Chill Dog Breeds

Lancaster Puppies Basset Hound

When making the decision to welcome a dog into your family it is important to research breed temperaments and select one that fits your family dynamic. Some families excel with energetic dog breeds that are always ready  for an adventure, while others  are looking for a calm and relaxed companion to lounge with them on the couch. Today we will be covering the latter, and going through our recommended list of the top 5 “chill” dog breeds across different sizes and appearances. 

Top 10 Lap Dog Breeds

Black and brown dog on man's lap

Looking for a dog that loves to curl up with you on the couch? You’ve come to the right place! Lancaster Puppies has put together a list of some ideal companions who love to lounge on your lap. Keep reading to learn more about some of the top lap dog breeds.

Best Dog Breeds for First-Time Owners

A variety of different dog breeds sitting in front of a pink wall

Getting a dog for the first time is exciting, to say the least. While it’s normal to be eager to bring your new dog home, it’s important to take the time to educate yourself on different breeds and not rush into buying a dog. There are some breeds that are better for first-time dog owners than others. Read on for some helpful first-time dog owner tips and an overview of the top dog breeds for beginner owners.

A Guide to Non-Shedding Dogs

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If you dream of falling in love with your own companion dog but worry about allergens and picking dog hair off your clothes, you’ve come to the right place. When selecting the right dog for your lifestyle, there’s a bit more to investigate than a list of breeds that don’t shed. Here are some key things to keep in mind during your search for the right breed for you.

Choosing a Dog for Your Apartment

Man with Saint Bernard dog sharing couch

There are several factors to consider when looking for a dog for your apartment. Not all dogs are cut out for apartment life, and it’s crucial that you don’t end up choosing a dog that isn’t well-adapted to live in a smaller apartment - especially when they need lots of room to run around, or don’t always like sharing smaller spaces with other dogs or people.

5 Best Farm Dogs

black dog on farm

Farmers and ranchers use Australian Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Blue Heelers, Border Collies and Dachshunds. Discover the value these dogs add to your farmstead.

Top 8 Best Dogs for Apartments

fluffy white dog on dog bed

Explore the eight best dogs for apartment complexes. Learn about the Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and five other breeds that do well in small spaces.

Top 11 Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds

child hugging dog

From Beagles to Shih Tzus, these sturdy family dogs do well in homes with youngsters. Lancaster Puppies rounds up the top 11 child-friendly dog breeds.

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